The Mito Story

Our mission is simple: To reverse chronic illness for 100 million people by 2030.

  • Your insurance premiums are at an all-time high
  • Our society is facing an out of control opioid epidemic
  • Doctors are more dissatisfied with their jobs than ever
  • Chronic disease is rampant and
  • Children are committing suicide
Today, millions of individuals suffer from chronic disorders and the increase over the past 3 decades is staggering.
Chronic fatigue11,027%
Coeliac disease1,111%
Sleep apnoea430%
Diabetes Mellitus305%

Source: Richard Lear, ‘The root cause in the dramatic rise of chronic disease’, Draft June 2016.

Even more shocking is that children are being diagnosed with “adult’ disease like diabetes, anxiety, depression, MS, even Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
Brain stem cancers (e.g. glioblastoma) are now the number 1 cause of cancer death in children.

Where did we go so wrong?

You are an intelligent, self-aware and health conscious person. You are determined to be the best version of yourself. Dedicated to taking care of your health and the health of your family.

You love nature, exercise regularly and eat clean healthy food.

You have a keen interest in health, yet something feels amiss. You energy levels are not what they used to be. You struggle to get a good night’s sleep rest. And your mind lacks the clarity you once had. So many people you know are unwell. You know there has to be more to the health equation, something fundamental.

But what is it, What’s the missing piece of the health puzzle?

You know deep in your heart that there must be a simple and better way. Could it be tied to nature? Have we underestimated the importance of lifestyle?

How do you make sense of all the contradictory advice on social media? Or the hype around the latest product recommended by your personal trainer. What about the long supplement list prescribed by your functional medical doctor. Should you be on the Keto diet or is green juicing a better option?

It’s exhausting, frustrating and confusing. Your intuition tells you there must be a simple answer yet finding reliable evidence from a trustworthy source is a monumental task.

You only want what’s real, what works, without the salesy marketing hype.

You want to look and feel your absolute best and live a long and healthy life.

You know there are answers are out there and that there are real solutions waiting to be found.

You want to share this with your family and your tribe. To lead others to optimal vitality. So, do we.

Welcome to the Mito movement. Your new tribe.

Mito is a ‘for purpose’ company built on the foundations of conscious capitalism. We deliver a win/win/win solution for all stakeholders and members of our global community.

Here at Mito we believe that being healthy should be easy, simple and fun.

We value nature – the life-giving energy of the sun and the nurturing frequencies of our mother earth. And most importantly empowering you to take control of your health, the way nature intended us to.

We want to share and show your the new scientific discoveries that our ancestors have always known but could never explain in modern medical terms.

Mito was inspired by Australian environmental scientist and entrepreneur Jason Bawden-Smith who recovered from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a whole lot more, as he casually likes to say, by going to the beach every day and eating oysters.

Surely it can’t be that easy. Not quite. But hundreds of people around the world have implemented simple and easy lifestyle changes that have assisted in reversing conditions of almost all known chronic disease. Impossible you say. So, did we when we first learnt of the claims being made by practicing neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruse.

Mito believes in scientific rigor and proven repeatable results. If it can’t be explained, then its pseudo-science.

What’s the missing piece to the health puzzle?

Simply put, it’s a tiny bacterium that controls your energy output. You literally have 1,000’s of them in almost every cell. But many people have never heard of them.

Since the mid 1900’s the medical profession has spent tens of billions of dollars studying and mapping the nuclear genome looking for cures to cancer, heart disease and dementia, with little success. In the meantime, modern diseases are increasing exponentially. Every second person you know is sick. Maybe we have been looking at the wrong DNA.

Did you know we have two types of DNA? The one we learnt about at school is called the nuclear DNA and one you didn’t learn about is called mitochondrial DNA. We get our nuclear DNA from both our mum and dad. It’s our hardware – the physical makeup of our body. Mitochondrial DNA is your software. It is the mitochondrial DNA that powers our energy factory of batteries for our cells that we only inherit from our mother.

In recent years, mitochondrial pioneers like Dr. Doug Wallace have shown that as much as 85% of all modern diseases may be due to mitochondrial DNA mutations and not flaws in our nuclear DNA. It appears epigenetics, not genetics, may be at the heart of the plague of modern diseases that we are experiencing.

Very few doctors know about this research. Many of these new discoveries around biophysics and quantum electron dynamics are less than 20 years old. New sciences like quantum biology and exposome are in their infancy but are set to revolutionize chronic disease management and prevention.

The secret to maintaining healthy mitochondria is to limit our exposure to toxins and nnEMFs and most importantly reconnect to the healing energies of nature.

It’s time to focus on healing our mitochondrial DNA not just our nuclear DNA. We have been rowing our boat with only one oar (nuclear DNA) and have been going around in circles. It’s time we learnt how to row with both oars – nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.

If you would like to learn more about how to maintain healthy mitochondria and prevent modern diseases

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