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Red Light Therapy Panels

660nm Red Light + 850nm Near-Infrared Light

What is Red Light Therapy Exactly?


Dr Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School showed in 1981 that full-spectrum sunlight keeps a person’s internal biological clock aligned with the environment. If it is out of sync, the body’s processes are out of sync. Sunlight contains all the right information (frequencies) for health and longevity. It keeps the body’s intricate mechanics and internal clock in sync with the natural environment – critical for well-being.

When we are outdoors most of the time, our body and eyes correctly interpret this photonic information to stay healthy.

When indoors and receiving photons from man-made devices and lighting, we interpret this as mis-information and set ourselves up for poorer health. Photobiomodulation is the term used to describe the application of light to the body for treatment of an ailment.

Mito light therapy devices supplement the beneficial red and near infra-red wavelengths of natural sunlight that is difficult to find the time to get in a busy modern world saturated with artificial light of the wrong wavelengths. In certain circumstances of deficiency, one may need to supplement with higher doses of vitamins or minerals.

Light is no different. If you can’t find the time to see the morning or afternoon sun when red and near infra-red light is most available, then Mito red light therapy is your plan B.

Benefits of Red and Near-infrared Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation (light) therapy is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function. Red and near infrared light therapy has been clinically proven to:


Repair damage from the sun and reduce your wrinkles


Boost testosterone levels


Improve muscle recovery and enhance peak performance


Reduce scaring and stretch marks


Reduce time for wound healing


Reduce joint inflammation


Heal acne and blemishes


Aid recovery from Hypothyroidism


Enhance collagen synthesis and repair


Most importantly to restore mitochondrial oxidation and energy production, which is the key to prevention and management of chronic disease.

Surprisingly, unlike many other treatments used to address similar conditions, there are virtually no reported side effects. Severe overdosing of red/near infra-red light therapy could cause headaches and exhaustion. Note Mito panels only use red and near infra-red light and do not emit any UV light so there is no chance of sunburn or DNA damage.

Mito Panel Features

  • Hook Mounting
    Hang your device over a door with our simple cable, door bracket and pulley system.
  • Low Flicker Effect
    Electronic flicker effect is NOT good for mitochondrial repair. With the Mito Panel we have tried to get the flicker effect as low as possible and as close to what nature provides (the sun) as possible.
  • No Harmful EMF’s
    Built with the latest LED technology, the Mito Red Light Panel delivers over 100 mW/cm² with no EMFs at the recommended treatment distance. Providing superior results as efficiently as possible.
  • Achieve More in Less Time
    Say goodbye to those tiny handheld devices. And say hello to the Mito Light Panel. Treat your entire body in just a few minutes per day.
  • Light Weight
    The Mito panel weighs just under 10kgs (22 Pounds)
  • 50/50 Combination of Red & Near-Infrared Light
    The Mito Panel provides ultimate versatility for overall health by delivering an equal percentage of both red light at 660 nm and near infrared light at 850 nm.
  • Choose Your Wavelength
    Choose Your Wavelength. Just flick the appropriate switch to control the two frequencies of: 660 nm Red Light leading to increased collagen production and optimal skin health, and 850 nm Near-infrared Light which penetrates deeper within your body – and independent studies have shown enhanced muscle recovery and reduced joint pain and inflammation.
  • No WiFi, Bluetooth or Digital Timers
    Whilst other products on the market are increasing EMF with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as digital timers, we made a very deliberate choice to NOT include these because we know nnEMFs damage our mitochondria.
  • Minimal Heat Generation
    With 4 cooling fans the Mito panels were designed to not generate heat as this could alter the positive effects of treatment.

Mito Panel Specifications

Spectrum660 nm & 850 nm
Irradiance*>100+ mw/cm2*
Power Consumption365 W
Focusing Lens Beam Angle60º
Cooling Fans4
EMF Emission0.0 µT @6″
DimensionsL91 x W30 x D10cm
Weight10 kg (22 lbs)
Warranty2 Years
Lifespan50,000 Hours

*Irradiance varies based on wavelength configuration and distance from the device. The irradiance show in the table above (> 100mW/m2) is based on distance of 10cm from the device with a lens angle of 60º.







Mito Mini Specifications

Spectrum660 nm & 850 nm
Irradiance*>100+ mW/m2
Power Consumption95 W
Focusing Lens Beam Angle60º
Cooling Fans2
EMF Emission0.0 µT @6″
DimensionsL34.8 x W21.8 x D6.6cm
Weight2.8 kg (6.2 lbs) + 0.8 kg for stand
Warranty2 Years
Lifespan50,000 Hours

*Irradiance varies based on wavelength configuration and distance from the device. The irradiance show in the table above (> 100mW/m2) is based on distance of 10cm from the device with a lens angle of 60º.









Does Red Light Therapy Actually Work?

Yes. It has been approved by the FDA. There are 100’s, and possibly even thousands of peer reviewed published studies showing the benefits of red light therapy which are outlined above.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Red light therapy is completely safe for an average healthy individual. Red light therapy harnesses the healing and rejuvenating benefits of natural light frequencies without the harmful presence of UV rays from the sun. A 2013 study titled “Low-level laser (light) therapy (aka photobiomodulation) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring” conducted by Harvard and MIT researchers praised light therapy for its “non-invasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects.”

What Happens to our Body During Red light Therapy Treatment?

When red light at 650nm is absorbed at a cellular level by our mitochondria a simulation of intracellular energy transfer occurs. The production of this energy means cell vitality and permeability is increased overall. Production of new collagen, and increased turnover of collagen and elastin occurs during this process, ensuring that the fibers within skin are firm. Scientific studies have also shown that cells grow 150-200% faster upon exposure to certain light wavelengths.

How Does Red Light Therapy Differ from Sunbathing?

Sunbathing typically involves being exposed to UV during the hours of 9am to 5pm (Depending on your location and time of year). UV light produces Vitamin D and provides a tanning effect.

Red light however does not have UVA or UVA and is naturally occuring in sunlight at dawn and dusk. There is no risk of sunburn for an by undergoing red light therapy, as our red light devices do not contain the full spectrum of the sun, which can cause damage to the skin upon prolonged or intense exposure.

Bare skin exposure to the sun during frist light at dawn and last light at dusk is the ideal way to get red light treatment. We have created the Mito Panel for people with busy lives and or who are living in region where it is too cold to get bare skin sunrise and sunsets.

How Long Will Treatment Take to See a Desired Result?

Red light therapy will not produce immediate changes to skin, as the treatments are done in a series to effect noticeable and long-lasting effects. This is done over a period of a few weeks. Everyone reacts differently, as not all skin is the same.
In general, the best results will be seen in an 8 to 12 week period, or over a period of several months.

Will Red Light Therapy Hurt?

Red light treatments never hurt. Unlike lasers or microdermabrasion, which makes use of abrasion to change the skin’s appearance, these treatments only use light. Unlike These ablative treatments will often use heat and cause small levels of discomfort or pain. However, red light therapy treatments are non-thermal and non-invasive overall. Clients do not report discomfort during red light therapy treatments. The skin may feel warm due to the intensity of the red light treatment over an extended period of time, however, this largely depends on the length of the treatment chosen.

Can Red Light Therapy Hurt or Damage my Eyes?

Unlike sunlight, prolonged exposure to red light does not hurt the eyes. No studies have linked these treatments with harmful effects on the eyes, although it is best to stay safe when having a treatment done. It is recommended that patients not stare directly at red lights during a session. Protective eyewear is recommended, but it is not required during a red light therapy session. The red light is typically easy to handle for the eyes, which are used to seeing in diffused sunlight. Red light treatment rooms contain a lower light level than that diffused by sunlight.

Should I wear Clothes When Doing Red Light Therapy?

The skin that you wish to be treated should be fully exposed to the light, and ideally as much skin as possible should be exposed to the light for maximum mitochondrial repair.

How does the Mito panel stay upright?

The Mito panel was designed to hang over a door. It comes with a number of accessories to make this easy. A bracket that sits over the top of a door, (much like a towel bracket), a carabiner, some hanging cables and an adjustable pulley system.

The Mito panel does not come with any floor mounting brackets at this stage. Some commercial outfitters have mounted our panels into ceilings and fitted them to walls for a more permanent fixture in health clubs. This is possible with pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom to allow this type of mounting easier.


*Irradiance and treatment area vary based on wavelength configuration and distance from the device.

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